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Erasing Roof Stains

With the Louisville Metro being located in the Ohio Valley, humidity is part of life. Mold and algae thrive in moist conditions. If black streaks are starting to cover the shingles of your home, it’s likely that you have algae growing on your roof. Those black streaks are called gloeocapsa magma—more commonly known as black algae. Algae is a solid deposit of spores and dirt, another form of mold. This is why you see it mostly on north-facing or deeply shaded parts of your home, including siding.

Algae, mold, moss, and mildew can wreak havoc on your shingles. These elements are an unsightly nuisance, and they also lower the value of your property. There are a few preventative measures that property owners can do to help safeguard their roofing system, including, trimming away trees that are currently touching your roof, and keeping gutters properly cleaned so water can drain freely. 

If you notice algae, mildew, or mold on the roof of your home, you have a few options: (1) Clean it; (2) Replace it; or (3) Leave it. Cleaning your roof is certainly the most cost-efficient way to extend the life of your shingles and erase those ugly black streaks.

Benefits of cleaning your roof include: 

INCREASING CURB APPEAL A clean roof is a beautiful roof. With a roof that’s free of dirt and debris, your home’s curb appeal is greatly enhanced.

FUNGUS REMOVAL From algae to lichen, mold, mildew, moss, and more—the fungus that accumulates on your roof can damage its structure and affect interior building elements if not properly removed.

LONGER LASTING ROOF By removing the fungus and preventing further growth, routine roof cleaning protects your roof’s integrity for years to come.

LOWER BILLS Excess dirt and gunk on your roof can substantially change your home’s temperature and raise your electric and gas bills.

Contact Powell’s Pressure Washing today at 502-888-7100 to schedule an appointment or discuss a quote on your roof cleaning project. 

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